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“Finally, Unbiased Reviews of Unicorn Images.” This ebook is a compilation of unicorn reviews based on unicorn art created by talented artists from all over the country. The book started as the popular unicorn blog: if you loved the blog, you will love this book, as it includes never before seen images, and bonus material not available online! This is a passion project created by Andy Erikson, a unicorn enthusiast and standup comedian from Ham Lake, Minnesota. Preorder today! Item will be available for download early next year! (hopefully January 2018)



Finally, Unbiased Reviews of Unicorn Images. This is a much needed book, as the market is swamped with books that are often biased, and not about unicorns. A total outrage, I know. If I could add unicorns to every book in the world I would. “The Great Unicorn Gatsby.” “The Shining Unicorn.” “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen Unicorns.” Etc. Alas, I cannot add unicorns to books. But I can add unbiased reviews of unicorns to the book that I am writing.

This has been a project years in the making. It started off as a simple fun blog post one night, and has turned into one of my favorite things to do and it gives me so much joy. Thank you for supporting my unicorn dreams, and for supporting the artists featured in this ebook as well. I love you and look forward to hearing your feedback!


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